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I dream of days that go slow, I dream of someone that won’t go

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alex smoke / incommunicado / soma
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murcof / remembranza / leaf

Leaf Records brings us Murcof's second full-length, Remembranza. Slow-building tones, much like soundtrack music, compositions are minimal yet rich tapestries of prepared sounds. Corona opens the parameter for sound to breathe, interrupt, slow down, and sustain itself, all in calm beauty. Reminiscent of the work of Vladislav Delay, Thomas Brinkmann, Fennesz, and Morr Music's pop ambient releases, however, possessing a restrained approach. This album is perfect for those lonely nights when you're trapped in doors and a glass of wine is your best friend.
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audion / suckfish / spectral

Audion (aka Matthew Dear) hits it harder than his regular known moniker. Suckfish is a hit and miss album. Some tracks hit so hard they completely miss me all together. The repetition in "the Pong" (hence the name, I guess) goes beyond enjoyable, but then there's tracks like "Your Place or Mine" and "Taut" that have the familiar booty neo-jackin' choppy kicks that make us so hot, we weep for more.
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